Helpline Mauritius

Child Helpline Mauritius : Online Counselling Service for children and young people.

Defence for Children International-Mauritius has embarked on assisting children who are victims of violence. The type of assistance that is being offered is legal education and support through online counselling. Children and young persons are allowed to have free, anonymous and confidential counselling on any issue affecting them. This service is for children and young persons who are victim or  in conflict with the law.

DCI-Mauritius is a partner in the project Child Helpline Mauritius and is the only organisation which is providing this kind of support to the project Child Helpline Mauritius. Counsellors of Child Helpline Mauritius will counsel those who are using the helpline and DCI-Mauritius will intervene in cases where there is a serious risk and urgent need to intervene.

According to the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare 5,981 cases of violence against children have been registered in 2011 and for the period January 2012 to May 2012, 4,180 cases have been registered.

Online counselling can be obtained by accessing

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