• DCI-Mauritius at Global Coalition for Education Workshop in Johannesburg


    DCI-Mauritius coalition participated this week in the African Regional Workshop of the Global Coalition for Education in Johannesburg, South Africa, January 2014. The theme was Privatisation and the Right to Education. Eighteen (18) African countries had their inputs at this workshop.

    The Workshop in Johannesburg discussed the following:

    • Clarifying Concepts and Key issues
    • Low costs private schools in Africa
    • Public Private Partnership
    • Skills training
    • Global processes and responses to privatisation
    • Advocacy strategies.

    Defence for Children International-Mauritius is an organisation working towards promoting and safeguarding the Rights of Children in Mauritius with a special focus on juvenile justice. DCI-Mauritius, which is housed by Halley Movement, is a volunteer organisation comprising lawyers, academia, probation officers and other volunteers.

    Defence for Children International – Mauritius conducts community based programmes in the following fields:

    • Juvenile Justice
    • Access to education
    • Promotion and education of Human Rights and Children Rights
    • Provide legal training to children
    • Provide legal advice to children in need.

    In addition, DCI-Mauritius monitors and documents abuses committed against and by juvenile and the legal framework in the Republic of Mauritius.

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