• The mentorship programme for young entrepreneurs

    The youth entrepreneurship Mentorship programme aims at stimulating and creating youth employment in Mauritius. It provides a linkage between private sector and young entrepreneurs for the sharing of resources. More precisely, This one year programme allows sixty persons ‘would be businessmen and businesswomen’ to get acquainted with business skills under the expert mentorship of a successful business man. The young people are provided with orientation sessions and the mentors are given training by Halley Movement’s staff. The programme coordinator ensures the follow up during the year.

    The projects objectives are:

    • To increase the productivity of youth entrepreneurs by providing a mentorship programme
    • Respond to aspiration of youth entrepreneurs
    • Offer role models from private businesses
    • Build and develop capacity of young entrepreneurs

    The expected results are :

    • Young Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to access new markets through the network of the members – mentors and protégées. This results in an increase in sales and provide for sustainable growth.
    •  They have learnt the importance of formalising their business operations. For example, registering their business enables them to participate in national fair positive changes in the way they run their business for instance, better record of accounts.


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